Why Datify matters

  • Datify is the first DeFi project incubated by a European bank, furthering the vision of Decentralized and Centralized Finance merging.

  • Datify was originally a self-funded project from 2017, backed by it’s founders.

  • Datify is focused on a different belief – fairness. This can be seen in the distribution of the $DFY stablecoin supply which is allocated entirely to $DAFI token holders.

  • The Datify DeFi protocol creates a decentralized stablecoin with an adoption-focus. Datify’s adoption will enable every internet user to mint $DFY’s from the value of the data they generate everyday - bridging DeFi to the mainstream.

$DFY stablecoins

Backed by $DAFI tokens as collateral and a flexible, changing supply-protocol

Staking for $DAFI

Datify’s adoption-focus will bridge every internet user’s data as value within DeFi

DeFi for all

$DAFI tokens enable anybody to use value within DeFi – without barriers

Datify (dat-if-i)

  • Datify’s unique, algorithmic stablecoin protocol will adjust it’s supply to match shocks in demand. The entire 100% supply of stable $DFY will be distributed to $DAFI holders.

  • $DAFI tokens are gained from the data we all create online every day. DAFI is a collateralised token which can then be loaned or used to mint flexible-supply changing $DFY’s

  • Instead of just building a world of DeFi features, Datify is becoming the entrance for the mainstream public to use value within DeFi.

DeFi’s major problem

Currently, Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has locked more than $7 billion USD. DeFi offers new forms of money – it simply allows every individual to use an open world of financial features without a trusted 3rd party.

The current problem with DeFi is that there’s a major barrier to mainstream adoption. Most DeFi protocols expect user’s to buy & understand cryptocurrency. Creating a major untouched market with the mainstream public.

It is inevitable, for DeFi to grow, absolutely anybody must be able to lock value as collateral.

After the $DFY protocol is functional, Datify will be able to attract every internet user to lock value within DeFi. This is done by staking the data we all create everyday. Enabling every internet user to yield value & making it accessible for mainstream people to loan & mint $DFY’s.

While only 5% of internet user’s own Bitcoin, 100% create data. $DAFI brings the value of the internet, as value in DeFi.

The $DFY stablecoin

Bitcoin and Gold have a fixed supply. If you own a % of this supply, it cannot be changed. However, this makes it difficult to adjust to changes in demand (e.g. Bitcoin’s volatility).

Fiat currencies (e.g. EUR) are unfixed, but you are constantly losing a share of the supply (inflation).

A combination of the two would create a DeFi protocol, which changes in supply, but does this proportionally. i.e. If you hold 1% of the supply, you will always have 1% of the supply, even if the quantity in your wallet changes everyday.

$DFY is a decentralized stable-coin, with a flexible supply. The initial DFY supply will be minted in a genesis event, where 10% of the $DAFI token supply is locked as collateral.

$DFY is built with trust, transparency and fairness – three traits which are often missing.

  • $DFY is 100% allocated to the public ($DAFI holders)

  • Maintains your % holding while adjusting supply

  • Also, DFY is backed by real collateral in the genesis event

The people’s stablecoin.

$DAFI, the collateralised token

$DAFI tokens are collateralised in a range of DeFi features, of which $DFY is the first.

Anyone can lock their $DAFI tokens to mint $DFY stable-coins. This will begin in the upcoming DFY genesis event where all DAFI token holders will receive a % of the entire, initial DFY supply.

DAFI is the bridge for everyone’s online data to become value in DeFi, via staking. This value can then be loaned or used to mint $DFY. Thereby, creating an entry for absolutely everyone. (data dafi defi)

$DAFI tokens will be available in an exchange listing, scheduled for Sep/Oct 2020. Sign up for the waiting list now.

Token Sale

DAFI tokens are collateralised and locked to mint $DFY stablecoins. The entire DFY supply is distributed to DAFI holders in the upcoming genesis event. DAFI are gained from staking your online data - creating a DeFi protocol, accessible by anyone.

You can sign up for the waiting list below.

Token Name :


Total Supply :


Tokens For Sale :

562,500,000 (25%)

Price :

TBD (~$0.02)

Soft Cap :

$ 1.5m USD

Hard Cap :

$ 9m USD

Accepted Cryptocurrencies :


Distribution :

Distributed after listing

Why now?

DeFi is estimated to lock $15b of value in 2020

DeFi is estimated to lock $15b of value in 2020

In the past two years, 90% of the world’s data was created

In the past two years, 90% of the world’s data was created

Datify has a functional blockchain MVP, and incubated by a European bank

Datify has a functional blockchain MVP, and incubated by a European bank


  • 2017

    Datify was concepted

  • 2018

    First data-analytics product (BP) development & adoption

  • 2019

  • Q1 2019

    Initial Datify Blockchain MVP development

  • Q2 2019

    Roadshow events across APAC (inc. S Korea)

  • Q3 2019

    Key partnerships, and NatWest bank incubation

  • Q4 2019

    Datify MVP code accessible

  • 2020

  • Q1 2020

    Datify branding changes

  • Q2 2020

    Datify’s data-analytics product made free to use during COVID-19

  • Q3 2020

    DFY stable-testnet development

  • Q4 2020

    Public sale for DAFI

  • 2021

  • Q1 2021

    DFY genesis event & distribution to DAFI holders

  • Q2 2021

    Minting DFY’s with DAFI tokens

  • Q3 2021

    Further DFY stability measures added

  • Q4 2021

    data:dafi consensus development & staking

  • 2022

  • Q1 2022

    Collateralisation of DAFI tokens in further DeFi features

  • Q2 2022

    dStore development – paying with data

Become part of Datify

Frequently Asked Questions

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is a promising use of blockchain technology. However, most of the value locked in DeFi has came from the cryptocurrency community only, we are yet to reach mainstream interest.

By enabling absolutely everyone to use DeFi features, i.e.. not only people familiar with cryptocurrency, it breaks the barrier of adoption to this growing space.

Datify was originally a self-funded project from 2017, with a belief in fairness. It’s for these reasons, that the DFY distribution is entirely for the public. Trust, transparency and decentralization are the 3 pillars of Datify.

Datify is a shock-resistant stablecoin protocol, which adjusts the supply of DFY’s to match the demand. Datify uses DAFI tokens as a collateral token, in a range of DeFi features, including the minting of DFY’s.

The broader vision is to bridge centralized and decentralized finance together. This means, breaking the adoption barrier, and allowing anybody with internet access to loan value they create everyday (their data).

DFY’s are unique, as the amount in every user’s wallet changes daily. This is done proportionally while still maintaining the % holding each user has. The distribution of DFY’s is allocated entirely to DAFI holders. For a decentralized, shock-resistant economic tool to succeed, we believe it should be in the hands of the public.

When the world went into lockdown many people could not earn as easily, and governments printed out billions to ‘fix’ this.

The inspiration for a stablecoin, designed to be uncorrelated to Bitcoin, while being able to adjust its supply transparently, grew.

The entire human population further relied on the internet, therefore we all created more value in data. This value could be loaned using the Datify protocol, or used to create their own, minted, stablecoin – DFY.

Effectively, decentralizing the model in which Google, Facebook & Twitter are built on, and creating a new, shock-resistant economy – Datify.

Zain came from a background of analysing foreign currency markets, after being published on sites like Tradingview. He transitioned into Cryptocurrency design and was an early investor in pioneer-DeFi projects including Havven (Synthetix). Zain has presented at most of the major-blockchain events across the world, and was the youngest world congress event speaker. He co-founded a data analytics software (BP) in 2018, which was made free to use during the COVID-19 pandemic. Zain is also a major football fan, and enjoys green tea.

Ahmed is PhD candidate at the University of Manchester, and the notable Alec Green award holder as well as the Johnson & Johnson prize winner.

Together, they believe in creating a fair, shock-resistant economy for the people.

DAFI tokens will be available to everyone in September/October 2020.

It’s recommended that you sign up for the waiting list here.

You should join the Datify social media – it’s a great place to wait for upcoming announcements

Datify is already in talks with several exchanges. The listing will occur directly after the DAFI token sale.

Since 2017, Datify has been focusing on development, growth and partners. For more questions, say hello in the Datify telegram or twitter.

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